Play you Android Device’s Screen on a TV Screen with Archos TV Connect


How wonderful would it be, running your TV on Android system? Well, yes this is what all of us would want. However, until now there already are many set – top boxes for eons available in the market but none of them makes your TV into a fully functioning Android device. The “Archos TV connect” just got unveiled few years back, which comes with all these features to connect with your TV via HDMI cable and makes it into a fully functioning Android TV.

Archos TV Connect

Moreover, the same kind of thing can be done via Showbox app, because it provides thousands of movies to watch for free on any device including Android, iOS, PC and Mac too. You don’t need to buy any device like Archos TV for it, but yes every software and hardware have their own characteristics, it depends upon you that what you think is better for your needs.

Archos TV connect is a revolutionary device for which we’ve all been waiting for. The idea of turning your TV truly into a smart device is simple, a TV working on 4.1 Jelly Bean, but this idea would not be possible without a wireless keyboard – equipped controller, this is what we we have been missing in previous set – top boxes foe eons.The interesting thing is, you do not have to connect your Android Smartphone with TV via this device, this device itself is Android based system, equipped with a camera for Video talk, a multi – core processor, 1GB of RAM, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and 8GB internal memory, however, a port of to expand the memory is available too.

This isn’t it. It also comes with a revolutionary controller which contains Full Android QWERTY keyboard and a gamepad to play Android-based touch games with a controller. Moreover, it contains two Touchpads to make multiple touch possible, e.g: ‘Pinch to Zoom’ function. This really is all-in-one package.

Many of you guys must be wondering when does it will release. Well, the good news is we do not have to wait for very long as it will come on some date of February and also it is not some very expensive out of reach device, as it’s price is set at $129.So, what do you think about it guys? Must let me know in comments section.Picture Gallery:

So, what do you think about it guys? Must let me know in comments section.