How to Unclog a Toilet Without Calling a Plumber?


How to Unclog a Toilet Without Calling a Plumber?

Unclog a Toilet Without Calling a Plumber

You will find many toilet reviews in which the issue related to unclog a toilet is discussed. Many people face this problem that can ruin the floor of the bathroom, toilet and obviously your entire day. Most of the people try to unclog the toilet with the help of flushing the toilet. The more water in the tank will end up on the floor because there is no space for water to go down. The best way is to turn off the water in the toilet but it is not the permanent solution. Usually, to fix this issue, people instantly call a plumber and have no idea that how to cope with this issue in an instant manner. But what if the plumber is not available at the moment? It is better to learn some easy ways to deal with the issue without calling a plumber.

There are some tools that are very useful to fix the issue.


Unclog a Toilet with plungerPlungers are of various kinds and specified for a particular use. If you have a flat plunger that is only useful to fix the issue related to the sink. The plunger with some extra part at the bottom is specified to fix the toilet problems. Here is a brief guideline to use the plunger in a right way to get rid of your clogged toilet.

  • First, make the plunger soft by running it under hot water so it is helpful to create a better close up.
  • Now cover the entire hole at the bottom by placing it in the toilet in a proper manner. If you are still not able to seal the hole then cover the rest of the place with the help of the towel but make it sure that the towel only covers the hole but not go into the hole to cause more problem.
  • Pump the plunger numerous times but don’t break the seal throughout the process. Water should be a few inches above the bottom of the plunger.
  • Finally, break the seal and pull the plunger in a quick manner. The issue is fixed if the water goes down and if the issue is still there then it needs more tries to unclog the toilet.

Plumbing snake

Plumbing snake

If the plunger is not useful to fix the issue then try another tool that is called a plumbing snake

  • Unwind the wire end of the tool and place the end into the drain.
  • Now keep moving it unless you hit the clog in the toilet
  • Twist and move the snake several times until the water start to drain in a proper manner


Vacuum is another effective tool that can resolve the issue without the assistance of the plumber.

  • Bind a towel around the hose so it can be used as a seal in the drain
  • Attach it in the drain and move out the water and expectantly the clog.

Other tools

You can eliminate this issue with the help of various chemicals. Baking soda and vinegar are also helpful to unclog the toilet. Moreover, heavy duty chemicals are also effective to fix the issue.