Best Adjustable Massage Table Reviews of 2016


    Adjustable massage tables have become quite popular, and due to the wide availability online and inexpensiveness, they are even common. Such massage tables allow you the ability to adjust their position with a simple or automatic control panel that can be comfortable and enticing for your customers. The modern adjustable massage tables feature a blend of décor with a wide range of benefits that ensures a perfect and healthy massage.

    Benefits of an Adjustable Massage Table

    • Back pain relief.
    • Better circulation.
    • Swelling,
    • Acid reflux,
    • Better breathing.
    • Better Relaxation
    • Luxury
    • Easily Customizable.

    Best Adjustable Massage Table

    But, it is important to learn how to choose the right massage table. Being “Adjustable” is a feature. Overall you have to consider multiple things. It doesn’t matter how much great therapy skills you’ve been honing over the years. A comfortable massage table must be your top priority for the customer. Massage chairs give same level of comfort but you can’t lay on them like massage tables but if you’ve best massage chairs in the world then it’s also possible with that one. Without a proper base, you can’t deliver an effective massage, thus leading to unhappy customers.

    Here are some important points to consider when choosing an Adjustable Massage Table.

    1. Check for the width of the table. You’ll come across wide range of bodies both smart and heavy. Some people would be thin and some fat and even bulky. The table must be wide enough to allow all types of customers to lie comfortably down without any strain or the fear to fall off. We would recommend you a width of at least 30-32 inches ad must not be narrower than 29 inches.

    2. Height is as much important as the width of a massage table. Too much high table will cause pain in your arms. Similarly, a too much low table would lead to poorly delivered massage. But you must be thankful to the engineers who eliminated this hurdle. Now, you have massage tables with adjustable heights. But the ideal height can be 20-26 inches for a comfortable experience and interaction between you and the customer.

    3. The massage table must be lightweight, and portable. Without these two features, you are wasting your money. Even if you welcome customers at your personal therapy center, the table must be lightweight and easily portable.

    4. When it comes to material, it’s up to you, but we recommend aluminum because it’s lightweight and rust free. You can opt in for wooden tables as well.

    5. Finally, the base must be padded, soft and comfortable for your customers. There must be an adjustable armrest when massaging on the back.

    Now that you know which things to consider and what features to look in, here are 3 of the best adjustable massage table equipped with all such features as described above. They are an inexpensive solution towards an effective massage.

    1) Sierra Comfort All Inclusive Portable Massage Table

    Sierra Comfort All Inclusive Portable Massage Table is one of the top-selling brands, and here are some its features for which you must choose this table.


    • It is portable and adjustable.
    • Made from durable beech timber
    • Feature 2.5 inches thick foam.
    • Has 100% pure cotton fitted sheets.
    • Much more.

    2) Sierra Comfort Professional Series Portable Massage Table

    Sierra Comfort Professional Series Portable Massage Table is one of the top rated and top selling massage tables.


    • Semi-circle bolster
    • A carry bag
    • Disposable face sheets
    • 2.5 inches luxurious foam
    • Five years guarantee on frame
    • Much more

    3) Black Portable and Adjustable Massage Table by Best Massage

    Black Portable and Adjustable Massage Table by Best Massage is the brand you can always trust for comfort and effectiveness.


    • Premium carry case.
    • Adjustable and portable.
    • High-quality beach timber frame
    • 2.5 inches dense foam.
    • Much more