6 Tips to use Windows 10 like a Pro


With Windows 10, Microsoft rolled out the greatest improvement to the Windows stage ever. In this article we will examine Windows 10 Tips and Tricks that each client must know.

Tips to use Windows 10 like a Pro

Open Windows Explorer to “This PC” rather than “Quick Access option”

On Windows 10, the Explorer opens to Quick Access type view, which may extraordinary for people who need to keep track of their documents.  For a few clients who need to monitor their phones, as of late utilized documents, yet perhaps not for all. In case you want to disable this feature, go to the toolbar and click Options. From the dropdown list saying “Open File Explorer to”: select Quick Access.

Download Updates from more than One Place

Windows 10 coordinates the P2P convention empowering it to download upgrades from Microsoft servers as well as from as of now redesigned computers on the web. To empower the setting, launch Settings application. Under Updates section, Click on Advanced options and afterwards click on Choose how upgrades are delivered. The options would be empowered, in case it is unchecked then tap on PCs on my local network and PCs on the internet.

Recover your hard circle space by erasing the old Windows Installation

In case you are enjoying the wonderful experience of Windows 10, you can simply erase the old OS. To do as such, hunt down disk cleanup and launch it when the options for drive choice appears, select C: drive. From menu, click “Previous Windows Installations” and “Temporary Windows Installation Files” and then click Ok.

This procedure can’t be fixed later so unless you are prepared to shift to Windows 10, do not delete old OS.

Alter Start Menu by Removing Unnecessary Shortcuts

If you are not a devotee of start menu and might want to keep it negligible and subtle, open the Settings and go to Personalization. Then click on Start and uncheck every one of the choices in the rundown. When that is done, look down to the option: “Choose which folders appear on start” and uncheck everything. Then unpin all unwanted apps manually in the start menu.

Resize the Start Menu According to Your Needs

On Windows 10 you get a clever little alternative of resizing your begin menu, simply drift over the border to uncover the resize pointer and drag over the screen to make it smaller or bigger.

Empower/Disable Transparency

  1. Windows 10 brings back the Aero straightforwardness which is empowered just in the event that you enjoyed the level Metro topic from 8, you can switch the straightforwardness off. Go to Settings – > Personalization – > Colors and uncheck Make Start, taskbar and action center transparent. Then when you open start menu, you would get the Windows 8.1 style level UI.
  2. Summon Prompt Keyboard Hotkeys
  3. You might want to use Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V hotkeys to work. Those progressions with Windows 10, you can use natural clipboard hotkeys. To activate them; right click on taskbar and go to the properties. Under Options, click Enable Ctrl key shortcuts.
  4. Conclusion
  5. Windows 10 legitimizes its motivation by the upgrades it offers to the center Windows experience and the elements it packs to bait clients. While this is by a long shot the most finish variant of Windows, the working framework would be subjected to consistent overhaul cycles to upgrade the experience considerably promote.