How to Unclog a Toilet Without Calling a Plumber?


How to Unclog a Toilet Without Calling a Plumber?

Unclog a Toilet Without Calling a Plumber

You will find many toilet reviews in which the issue related to unclog a toilet is discussed. Many people face this problem that can ruin the floor of the bathroom, toilet and obviously your entire day. Most of the people try to unclog the toilet with the help of flushing the toilet. The more water in the tank will end up on the floor because there is no space for water to go down. The best way is to turn off the water in the toilet but it is not the permanent solution. Usually, to fix this issue, people instantly call a plumber and have no idea that how to cope with this issue in an instant manner. But what if the plumber is not available at the moment? It is better to learn some easy ways to deal with the issue without calling a plumber.

There are some tools that are very useful to fix the issue.


Unclog a Toilet with plungerPlungers are of various kinds and specified for a particular use. If you have a flat plunger that is only useful to fix the issue related to the sink. The plunger with some extra part at the bottom is specified to fix the toilet problems. Here is a brief guideline to use the plunger in a right way to get rid of your clogged toilet.

  • First, make the plunger soft by running it under hot water so it is helpful to create a better close up.
  • Now cover the entire hole at the bottom by placing it in the toilet in a proper manner. If you are still not able to seal the hole then cover the rest of the place with the help of the towel but make it sure that the towel only covers the hole but not go into the hole to cause more problem.
  • Pump the plunger numerous times but don’t break the seal throughout the process. Water should be a few inches above the bottom of the plunger.
  • Finally, break the seal and pull the plunger in a quick manner. The issue is fixed if the water goes down and if the issue is still there then it needs more tries to unclog the toilet.

Plumbing snake

Plumbing snake

If the plunger is not useful to fix the issue then try another tool that is called a plumbing snake

  • Unwind the wire end of the tool and place the end into the drain.
  • Now keep moving it unless you hit the clog in the toilet
  • Twist and move the snake several times until the water start to drain in a proper manner


Vacuum is another effective tool that can resolve the issue without the assistance of the plumber.

  • Bind a towel around the hose so it can be used as a seal in the drain
  • Attach it in the drain and move out the water and expectantly the clog.

Other tools

You can eliminate this issue with the help of various chemicals. Baking soda and vinegar are also helpful to unclog the toilet. Moreover, heavy duty chemicals are also effective to fix the issue.

Best Adjustable Massage Table Reviews of 2016


Adjustable massage tables have become quite popular, and due to the wide availability online and inexpensiveness, they are even common. Such massage tables allow you the ability to adjust their position with a simple or automatic control panel that can be comfortable and enticing for your customers. The modern adjustable massage tables feature a blend of décor with a wide range of benefits that ensures a perfect and healthy massage.

Benefits of an Adjustable Massage Table

• Back pain relief.
• Better circulation.
• Swelling,
• Acid reflux,
• Better breathing.
• Better Relaxation
• Luxury
• Easily Customizable.

Best Adjustable Massage Table

But, it is important to learn how to choose the right massage table. Being “Adjustable” is a feature. Overall you have to consider multiple things. It doesn’t matter how much great therapy skills you’ve been honing over the years. A comfortable massage table must be your top priority for the customer. Massage chairs give same level of comfort but you can’t lay on them like massage tables but if you’ve best massage chairs in the world then it’s also possible with that one. Without a proper base, you can’t deliver an effective massage, thus leading to unhappy customers.

Here are some important points to consider when choosing an Adjustable Massage Table.

1. Check for the width of the table. You’ll come across wide range of bodies both smart and heavy. Some people would be thin and some fat and even bulky. The table must be wide enough to allow all types of customers to lie comfortably down without any strain or the fear to fall off. We would recommend you a width of at least 30-32 inches ad must not be narrower than 29 inches.

2. Height is as much important as the width of a massage table. Too much high table will cause pain in your arms. Similarly, a too much low table would lead to poorly delivered massage. But you must be thankful to the engineers who eliminated this hurdle. Now, you have massage tables with adjustable heights. But the ideal height can be 20-26 inches for a comfortable experience and interaction between you and the customer.

3. The massage table must be lightweight, and portable. Without these two features, you are wasting your money. Even if you welcome customers at your personal therapy center, the table must be lightweight and easily portable.

4. When it comes to material, it’s up to you, but we recommend aluminum because it’s lightweight and rust free. You can opt in for wooden tables as well.

5. Finally, the base must be padded, soft and comfortable for your customers. There must be an adjustable armrest when massaging on the back.

Now that you know which things to consider and what features to look in, here are 3 of the best adjustable massage table equipped with all such features as described above. They are an inexpensive solution towards an effective massage.

1) Sierra Comfort All Inclusive Portable Massage Table

Sierra Comfort All Inclusive Portable Massage Table is one of the top-selling brands, and here are some its features for which you must choose this table.


• It is portable and adjustable.
• Made from durable beech timber
• Feature 2.5 inches thick foam.
• Has 100% pure cotton fitted sheets.
• Much more.

2) Sierra Comfort Professional Series Portable Massage Table

Sierra Comfort Professional Series Portable Massage Table is one of the top rated and top selling massage tables.


• Semi-circle bolster
• A carry bag
• Disposable face sheets
• 2.5 inches luxurious foam
• Five years guarantee on frame
• Much more

3) Black Portable and Adjustable Massage Table by Best Massage

Black Portable and Adjustable Massage Table by Best Massage is the brand you can always trust for comfort and effectiveness.


• Premium carry case.
• Adjustable and portable.
• High-quality beach timber frame
• 2.5 inches dense foam.
• Much more

Best Windows 10 Themes to Download in 2016


Windows 10 is undoubtedly one of the best releases of Microsoft. It’s way better than the previous versions and has already invaded the market with its outstanding features. Before Windows 10, 7 was the most commonly used OS. The new laptops now being sold are already equipped with the latest and updated version of Windows 10, while those who haven’t still upgraded can found an option to download it directly from their own systems.

Just like any other Window release, the curiosity of finding and installing the best themes remains with Windows 10 as well. No to mention that Windows 10 is a huge change with incredibly amazing themes that look stunning and beautiful.

So, without wasting any time, let us jump on to our list of some of the top windows 10 themes you must download and use in 2016.

Best Windows 10 Themes

1: Ferrari


This one is surely for the car enthusiasts and is also a popular sports car that needs no introduction. It’s one of the fastest in the world and only red color suits to a Ferrari. Check out this cool Ferrari inspired Windows 10 theme.

2: Perspectives of Japan


Japan is among the most beautiful countries in the world, and nothing could be much better than to have a theme containing the beautiful colors and tall building of Japan. These aren’t the animated versions. Instead, they are a natural beauty of this glamorous country worth visiting.

3: Footpaths


Footpaths is another popular Windows 10 theme that is full of greenery and natural landscape. This image has been captured by a real camera lens and made available on the Internet for you absolutely free and to relish the true colors of nature. Nonetheless, it is a great pick.

4: Aurora Borealis


This one is my favorite themes. It is a great mixture of colors and animations along with nature. Though not a real camera capture, but perfectly crafted piece of art that shows brilliance. It has greenish clouds with snow and water under the sky prevailing their beauty. You can download it free and set it as your default Windows 10 theme.

How to Put a Password on a Folder in Windows 10


Looking for the tools to secure your data? It is the concern of every user of Windows PC and even a user of shared computer is more concerned about it. If you are also one of the users of shared devices, your data can be secured if you put all of the files in one folder and set a password to protect it but be sure that its free from this issue of antimalware service executable high disk space usage first. Although, Windows 10 provides a very secure way to protect data, but you cannot follow the instructions if you are not an expert user. For a newbie, it can be done by using a third-party app. So, guys! Here is how to put password on folder by using a third-party software that is a short-cut to secure data in no time for sure. And also check this Bonus dns unlocker removal guide only if you’re facing hard time with it.

Folder Protector:

Although, a plenty of software are available for this purpose, but I would prefer Folder Protector that is quite easy and simple to use for all new users. Folder Protector is available in two different versions, but I would prefer its free version to secure my data. You have to follow the link ( to download this tool. It is not only for the security of a single folder. It can be used to secure a large data including a loads of folders and files. (Before using it, you should collect your data into one folder)

  • Once, you download it, there appears a window where you need to select the folder that contains your personal or important data.
  • It will show you the option to set a password. You should set a strong combination of alphabets and numeric keys. But it should be easier for you to remember it. Now re-enter the password in the box below and click “Protect” option.

Set Password on Folder Protector

  • Within a few seconds, it will show you a confirmation message that your folder is protected..
  • Now try to open the folder you have protected by using the icone “Lockdir” that appears in downloads. You can move it anywhere in any other drive. When you click this icon, it asks you to enter your password. As soon as you enter Password, you will have access to all of your files and sub-folders.
  • If you do not want to protect any folder or file, you can remove it from the list.

Hence, guys! That is how you can have a sigh of relief by protecting your data in very easy way. This software does not only provide security to your folders, but also your hard disk and flash drive. Just transfer your important folders on flash drive and move this software to the Flash drive too. Put all folders in it and set password to open it. Your data is quite safe from the access of an unauthorized person by using it. Only you can access it.

The Features To Look For When Buying A Gaming Monitor


Gaming Monitors 2016

When it comes to gaming monitors, you won’t be low on choices. But how do you shop for the best gaming monitor?

There are several factors that might alter your decision on which gaming monitor to ultimately purchase, specifically price and size. But there are three technical factors you should examine before handing over your credit card to make that big purchase.

Response Time

Response time might just be the most important technical specification to pay attention to while shopping for your gaming monitor. So what is response time?

Also Read: Best Gaming Laptops under 1000 – Pingzic.

It’s how fast your monitor can display moving images. When it comes to gaming, it’s safe to assume you have a lot of moving images, so you’re going to want a fast response time.

If the response time is too slow, the pixels won’t be able to keep up with the information that’s being sent to the monitor from the graphics card. This results in choppy gaming.

Older models of LCD monitors came with a 16-millisecond response time, which was fast enough for playing DVD movies, but still pretty choppy for gaming. To get the most out of your gaming experience, look for a gaming monitor that has a response time of 2- to 5-milliseconds.


The resolution of your gaming monitor is another important factor to take into consideration when doing your shopping.

The first thing to note is that bigger is not always better. Think of how close you sit in front of your monitor. If you have a 27-inch or 30-inch monitor, it will be difficult to see the entire screen and what exactly is going on in your game.

That’s why I recommend a screen between 20- and 24-inches.

As far as resolution for those screen sizes, you can’t go wrong with 1920×1200 (or 1920×1080). Some people argue that you don’t need the extra vertical pixels because they make your overall image more “squareish,” but that’s something you need to determine by looking at it yourself in a store.

Of course, size and resolution is completely subjective. Determine how much room you have on your desk, how close you sit in front of your monitor and how much money you’re willing to shell out.

Contrast Ratio

And the final factor to take into consideration when buying your gaming monitor is its contrast ratio.

Contrast ratio is the difference between the darkest black your monitor can put out and the whitest white it can produce. It’s important to remember, however, that more contrast doesn’t make it a better monitor.

Look for a contrast ratio between 1000:1 and 3000:1. These ratios also depend on where you do your gaming. Is it in a dark office? Is it in a room with a lot of windows? Do you sit close to your monitor? Far away? There are several questions you need to ask before making a decision.

The darker the room you game in, the more dynamic range the human eye has, so it could actually handle a contrast ratio of 15000:1, or possibly 20000:1.

Which Gaming Monitors Should I Consider?


Now that you’re equipped with some basic gaming monitor knowledge, it’s time to start shopping.

This Asus monitor is the perfect 27-inch gaming monitor that offers excellent color, fast response time and even includes 3D performance. Unlike many monitors today, this monitor doesn’t include any USB ports, but that shouldn’t be a game changer for you.

If anything deters you from not buying this monitor, it’s the price. It typically retails for about $700, although you might be able to find it cheaper at your favorite online retailers.

I didn’t mention Apple’s 27-inch Thunderbolt display, because Apple is’t the ideal gaming computer.

Another great option includes Samsung’s SyncMaster S23A550H, which is a bargain at $260.

Are you a gamer? Which monitor are you using and why do you love it?

The London Removals help make Moving Your House Easy



An efficient way of dealing with strain on a relocation in Battersea is to allocate it around the local movers. An experienced as well as a proficient mover within your area is essential. The professional movers will effortlessly provide you help and redirect it into and competent and carefree move, doing most of the rigid work for you; after all, you are paying them or the hard labour.

How to find them: Finding a Movers in London that is suitable for you, your budget, your time limitation, and any meticulous moving needs you have is the trickiest part. Due to the presence of so many companies with varying prices and services out there, it is necessary that you have a clear idea of your budget and the kind of service you will be expecting for that price. An ideal way of searching for a service to suit you is by searching from the internet.

What to consider:  It will be necessary for you to think how much is being moved, if they will allege extra items for a heavy object, and how they are charging you, whether it is intended hourly or another technique is used. It will also be necessary for you to ensure that there are no concealed costs that aren’t made explicit in the early quote, this way you can make sure that you will get the best value for your money. If you stay at London then you can get the best movers so as to ensure easy shifting.

One attribute that everyone do not even think about when they prepare to move their home is whether your personal belonging are in the safe hands are not. Like any other activity, safety should be a major concern during move. You needn’t worry about the fact that your household products are going to make it securely to your new house, to absolutely take this out of the equation it is of supreme importance that you ask them about their insurance and what it covers. The company may also ask that you choose one of numerous types of tariffs.

To combat stress levels that come with such companies and procedure, it is proved that most individuals, who want to move their home wish to go in for an easy solution to shift to new place and ensure that they shift easily. With the help of their services one can easily move to any place easily ensuring best services.

Eligibility criteria for home loan applicant


Own a house is the biggest dream of every person that is complex to be fulfilled. We hardly purchase 2nd house for ourselves and if we need to buy then most of the time it is used for commercial purpose or investment purpose. Our lots of dreams are associated to have own home. For a salaried person it is once in lifetime opportunity to purchase his own home. But, the EMIs for home loans are additional tensions which come along with happiness of owning a house.
Home loan is a crucial aspect of every job oriented person who wishes to purchase a house for his own. Without getting home loan, few people can’t afford to buy a home. There are Lots of banks that are offering facilities of easy home loans for their clients. But before going to apply for home loans, you need to have complete knowledge and details of the whole process of loans whether, you are eligible for load or not. If you are going to a bank to apply for loan then first thing they will appraise your profile, whether are you able to repay the loan amount fully? Also your other liabilities that are education expenses of your children, your parents and spouse’s health and medical expense, and if there is any other loans repayments etc you are able to repay or not.
After analyzing all things, if bank got your earning less than your expenses, they will reject your application. On the contrary, if after evaluating your basic salary, other loan installments and other expenses, if they found that you can pay their installments along with these other expenses easily, they will sanction your loan.
Bank never approves big loans to common salaried people. You are only eligible to get that particular amount of loan which you can easily repay. Your job stability also matters. Banks also ask for guarantee about your job stability. They mostly prefer to give big loans to those people who have no dues or very less liabilities.
A person whose is going to get retired from his job also has fewer chances to get loan than a newly joined employer. Property you are going to purchase is the other important aspect that may affect to loan provider bank.
But all this details are not enough. Bank also collects information about you from credit bureaus regarding past and running loans. If you have bright background, the chance of approval of loan is high. They check your track record and investigate if you have done any mistake or forgery with anyone. According to your old transactions they find out if you are suitable for their home loan or not.
Also go through carefully terms and conditions of each and every bank, such as-
Interest rates providing by banks are flat or floating.
In case of early loan sanction, banks will ask you to give extra interest rate.
If you do not agree with any of their condition then you should advise with experts or search another bank.

6 Tips to use Windows 10 like a Pro


With Windows 10, Microsoft rolled out the greatest improvement to the Windows stage ever. In this article we will examine Windows 10 Tips and Tricks that each client must know.

Tips to use Windows 10 like a Pro

Open Windows Explorer to “This PC” rather than “Quick Access option”

On Windows 10, the Explorer opens to Quick Access type view, which may extraordinary for people who need to keep track of their documents.  For a few clients who need to monitor their phones, as of late utilized documents, yet perhaps not for all. In case you want to disable this feature, go to the toolbar and click Options. From the dropdown list saying “Open File Explorer to”: select Quick Access.

Download Updates from more than One Place

Windows 10 coordinates the P2P convention empowering it to download upgrades from Microsoft servers as well as from as of now redesigned computers on the web. To empower the setting, launch Settings application. Under Updates section, Click on Advanced options and afterwards click on Choose how upgrades are delivered. The options would be empowered, in case it is unchecked then tap on PCs on my local network and PCs on the internet.

Recover your hard circle space by erasing the old Windows Installation

In case you are enjoying the wonderful experience of Windows 10, you can simply erase the old OS. To do as such, hunt down disk cleanup and launch it when the options for drive choice appears, select C: drive. From menu, click “Previous Windows Installations” and “Temporary Windows Installation Files” and then click Ok.

This procedure can’t be fixed later so unless you are prepared to shift to Windows 10, do not delete old OS.

Alter Start Menu by Removing Unnecessary Shortcuts

If you are not a devotee of start menu and might want to keep it negligible and subtle, open the Settings and go to Personalization. Then click on Start and uncheck every one of the choices in the rundown. When that is done, look down to the option: “Choose which folders appear on start” and uncheck everything. Then unpin all unwanted apps manually in the start menu.

Resize the Start Menu According to Your Needs

On Windows 10 you get a clever little alternative of resizing your begin menu, simply drift over the border to uncover the resize pointer and drag over the screen to make it smaller or bigger.

Empower/Disable Transparency

  1. Windows 10 brings back the Aero straightforwardness which is empowered just in the event that you enjoyed the level Metro topic from 8, you can switch the straightforwardness off. Go to Settings – > Personalization – > Colors and uncheck Make Start, taskbar and action center transparent. Then when you open start menu, you would get the Windows 8.1 style level UI.
  2. Summon Prompt Keyboard Hotkeys
  3. You might want to use Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V hotkeys to work. Those progressions with Windows 10, you can use natural clipboard hotkeys. To activate them; right click on taskbar and go to the properties. Under Options, click Enable Ctrl key shortcuts.
  4. Conclusion
  5. Windows 10 legitimizes its motivation by the upgrades it offers to the center Windows experience and the elements it packs to bait clients. While this is by a long shot the most finish variant of Windows, the working framework would be subjected to consistent overhaul cycles to upgrade the experience considerably promote.

Play you Android Device’s Screen on a TV Screen with Archos TV Connect


How wonderful would it be, running your TV on Android system? Well, yes this is what all of us would want. However, until now there already are many set – top boxes for eons available in the market but none of them makes your TV into a fully functioning Android device. The “Archos TV connect” just got unveiled few years back, which comes with all these features to connect with your TV via HDMI cable and makes it into a fully functioning Android TV.

Archos TV Connect

Moreover, the same kind of thing can be done via Showbox app, because it provides thousands of movies to watch for free on any device including Android, iOS, PC and Mac too. You don’t need to buy any device like Archos TV for it, but yes every software and hardware have their own characteristics, it depends upon you that what you think is better for your needs.

Archos TV connect is a revolutionary device for which we’ve all been waiting for. The idea of turning your TV truly into a smart device is simple, a TV working on 4.1 Jelly Bean, but this idea would not be possible without a wireless keyboard – equipped controller, this is what we we have been missing in previous set – top boxes foe eons.The interesting thing is, you do not have to connect your Android Smartphone with TV via this device, this device itself is Android based system, equipped with a camera for Video talk, a multi – core processor, 1GB of RAM, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and 8GB internal memory, however, a port of to expand the memory is available too.

This isn’t it. It also comes with a revolutionary controller which contains Full Android QWERTY keyboard and a gamepad to play Android-based touch games with a controller. Moreover, it contains two Touchpads to make multiple touch possible, e.g: ‘Pinch to Zoom’ function. This really is all-in-one package.

Many of you guys must be wondering when does it will release. Well, the good news is we do not have to wait for very long as it will come on some date of February and also it is not some very expensive out of reach device, as it’s price is set at $129.So, what do you think about it guys? Must let me know in comments section.Picture Gallery:

So, what do you think about it guys? Must let me know in comments section.

Top 5 Best iPhone Data Recovery Software


There are many incidents which can lead you to data loss on your iPhone. If your iPhone damaged, lost, reset or jailbreak then your data is lost and you must find a way to get rid of this problem and retrieve your data back. There are many ways to get your lost data back. One of the easiest way is to get it back by using a software. There are a number of software which helps a person to get the lost data back. Some of them are as follow:

Top 5 Best iPhone Data Recovery Software


Fonelab is a fully featured data recovery program. Which helps a person to get the lost data back and also helps him to get rid of his data recovery problem. It is the best software which you can be download on iPhone. It helps the user to recover all of his important data including messages, contacts, call logs and important files. You can get every type of deleted files back in a very short amount of time.

Dr Fone

Dr fone is another type of data recovering software which is developed for iOS by apple. It is used to recover data on iPhone, iPad or iPod. It works on every type of iOS version. With this application you can easily recover camera roll, videos, music and bookmarks. All you have to do is to install this software and recover your data.

Phone Rescue

Phone rescue is another type of data recovery software. It is also made for IOS. You can easily find and download this software from internet. As the name suggested, this software is used to get rid of data recovery problems. This software is known for its speed. Once you have install it, this software can recover your data in seconds.


It is another kind of software which can also be made and run on iOS. All you have to do is to download this software into your iPhone. This software can automatically detect and recover all of the lost data of your iPhone. All you have to do is to start the detect button and wait for it to recover your lost data. This software also made the backup of lost data. It has a very user friendly interface. Even a native user can easily use this software to recover the data. It is the best software which you can use and recover your data.


iSkysoft is a software which is made for data recovery purpose. This software is used to get rid of data recovery problem. This software can easily recover the lost data by searching for the data from sectors of internal storage. It is the best software for this purpose and every user can easily use it to recover the data in a very short amount of time. This software helps the user and saves its time.

In short, these are the software which you can use to recover your important data and get rid of data recovery problems. It is your choice that which kind of software you like to choose for this purpose.